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Missing Part of Me

Ah how strange it is…

A wish to fly above it all,

To break free of these chains that bind,

And yet there is a chain that feels so dear,

A chain, or a missing part of me?

The music from above, the music of ancients,

Enchants the soul, like no other,

Like a mesmerised snake, I move towards it,

Yet no further, can I move now,

I stay still and wait,

Not knowing if,

Not knowing when, the wait will end..

Freedom, from space and time,

Freedom, from elation and pain,

Freedom, from desire and regret,

This freedom calls out to me,

But freedom from this one bond, I cannot bear to take..

A fool I may be, to keep this bond with me,

A golden string, I think it to be,

One end of the string, deep within,

I feel it tug, I feel it pull,

The other end, is it near or far?

Do I dream, is it real?

Is this futile, will I be met with scorn,

Is this a lesson, is this the one?

Is this the wait, that will end all waits?

I know not, I can only feel,

I can only wait, wait with hope…

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May 16

Lovely stuff

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