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The Gift of Mathematics - ep 3

Previously: Episode 2

"University of London BSc Mathematics - Year 1 (External) Grade: Fail"

Ganesan was shocked... His mind was went wrong.. Then it clicked...he recalled that the questions in the exam didn't quite match what he learned in his correspondence idea came to his mind.. He wrote a letter, got it typewritten, and mailed it. After a month, he received a letter from the Senate of the University of London! His heart was racing as he opened worked!

Replying to his letter, the Senate had given him the detailed listing of the textbooks and the relevant sections that the examination was based on. The obstacle had been removed.

Ganesan borrowed the books from the University of Malaya (UM) library, and dived right in. He was now a clerk at LLN, and spent four to six hours a day in his studies. Sometimes he studied with his two other friends (who were senior to him) at the UM library, and sometimes he studied at the LLN Library. Work as usual was easy and quick, giving plenty of time to study before he went for his evening teaching gig.

A senior officer at LLN, Nechingam observed Ganesan for some time and found him very unusual. "Boy, what are you doing here? Don't you have work to do?"

"I've finished my work sir. I'm studying for my degree."

"What degree are you studying for boy?"

"Maths at the University of London, sir - this is for my 2nd year"

"And you passed your first year studying on your own?"

"Yes sir"

Nechingam was stunned by what he heard...He knew what he had to do.

"Boy, have you applied for the LLN scholarship?"

"No sir, that's only for engineers" "That's the problem with you - apply for it, will you?" "Yes, sir" A month later Nechingam saw Ganesan again. "Boy, I didn't see your application. Today's the last day to apply" "I'm doing maths sir, the scholarship isn't for me..."

"Just sign this application form!"

Soon, Ganesan was called up for the scholarship interview. The interviewing officers queried how he studied and came this far - they were amazed. He was awarded a scholarship to complete his 3rd year at London pending his 2nd year results.

A few months later, Nechingam called Ganesan to his office. Ganesan's 2nd year results together with the admission decision from one of the Colleges at the University of London was being faxed directly to LLN due to the scholarship.

"Boy...I'm so sorry..I tried my very best..but"

Ganesan's heart sank...he was nearly in tears...

"You got it!!! You passed your 2nd year boy, and the King's College has accepted you! I'm so proud of you!!"

(To be continued...)

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