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The Gift of Mathematics - ep 2

Previously: Episode 1

"Be careful boy, that typewriter costs a lot more than what you earn in a year"

Ganesan started work as an office boy, first at an architectural firm, and then moved to the National Electricity Board (then known as Lembaga Letrik Negara, LLN, now known as Tenaga Nasional Berhad, TNB) also as an office boy.

He went for tuition classes at night to continue with his studies, and did his homework and studies during the day after quickly finishing the work he needed to do. His work ethic and dedication to math soon attracted the attention of his senior colleagues...many were fascinated, a few encouraged and blessed him. Some mocked him that he may lose his mind by studying too much.

"Studying additional maths? You must be crazy! So many struggle with it while going to school and you want to study it by yourself??"

Ganesan was seeking for guidance as he was very keen to continue his pursuit of maths. There were no night classes available at that time for additional mathematics.

Then, one day a senior technician colleague gifted him a book titled "Elementary Analysis" by Dakin & Porter and said "If you can complete this book you can do well in Additional Maths".

He plunged into it and didn't look back. It was an advanced book (used for A-Level Maths) that gave him a deeper understanding and appreciation of the subject.

As he furthered his pursuit of maths, he also started his favourite passion and side gig (that would continue life long), teaching maths. He gave all his earnings from his main job to his family, while what he made teaching maths was his own to keep.

Through his self study, he cleared his secondary school exams as well. His siblings (who also stopped regular schooling), also progressed their education through self studies...

"I'm looking for a maths teacher for the children in my family...."

"Maths?? There there..look at that boy over there, he's preparing for his HSc maths won't find a better teacher than him"

Ganesan landed a new teaching gig, that gave him a lucrative income stream...and much more than that...his soulmate...and a whole troop of fun-loving mischievous folk who would become family...

(To be continued...)

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